About Us

Alpenglow Animal Hospital, previously Double Diamond Veterinary Hospital, has been proudly serving the Gallatin Valley for over 15 years. We offer progressive, state of the art medicine utilizing both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities. Alpenglow offers laser therapy and acupuncture and our staff members have a strong interest in canine sports medicine and rehabilitation/physical therapy, offering one of the only underwater treadmills in Bozeman for our PT patients and those referred for rehabilitation. We also strive to offer top-notch canine reproductive services, offer same-day progesterone testing, and are the region’s only Zoetis Canine Semen Freezing Center. Through education, professionalism, and exceptional customer service, Alpenglow is an important member of both the pet-owning and non-pet owning community.

Alpenglow Animal Hospital offers pet owners a state-of-the-art medical facility with doctors trained in both Western and Chinese Medicine. The veterinarians have extensive training in internal medicine, critical care, surgery, dentistry, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and advanced diagnostic procedures. They firmly believe high-quality medicine should be made available to all clients and pets by their family doctor.

This philosophy allows them to bring high-quality care into the realm of general practice. By practicing higher quality medicine at the general practice level, they hope to increase the awareness of the disease, identify early markers of disease, and have more successful treatment outcomes when compared to national averages.

These simple principles are the foundation from which we build our entire philosophy.

  • Alpenglow Animal Hospital is devoted to preventing, identifying, and treating diseases of companion animals.
  • Alpenglow is built around the principle that evaluating all body systems is the best approach to medicine and prevention is more effective than treatment.

At Alpenglow you are not just our customer, you are also part of our family.

The medical center will aggressively screen for early signs of disease, conduct thorough medical investigations into the source and extent of disease, and treat those diseases with the most current and holistic medical therapies.